About Us


I want to first say thanks for taking the time to check us out today. My name is Lexus, I have been in the business for a year now. On our journey we found that bundling our products with businesses around the world was our calling. This will help so many awesome businesses get in to to the hands of people who may know nothing of them. We provide the lip gloss and a few B.G.S Favorites, While business friends provide us with fabulous products to bundle with. I have noticed so many business give up before they even get started we are hoping to encourage and Inspire fellow business owners to keep going. Need a bossy lip gloss? We got you covered for any business or party needs. We provide the Best hand-made lip glosses. (Kid Safe) So What are you waiting for sign up to that email list. You don't want to miss any updates or giveaway.

Bubblicious Glam Stylz is all about being bubbly fun and full of life. What will inspire your vivacious beauty's today?